Waste Processing Facility in Debord, KY

We have partnered with Inez Power to form a strategic partnership that capitalizes on growing Zero Landfill and Zero Waste sustainability initiatives. Located in Debord, KY, the gasifier is a patented technology and is considered the only true gasification unit in the United States and provides Waste-to-Energy services. 

Intelligent Design

The gasification technology was developed from empirical data on a Full Scale demonstration plant. All of the major components are shop assembled and field connected. his approach provides for a significantly higher level of quality control on component level fabrication.

Superior Energy Production

The patented process has an energy ratio over 625 kWh/ton, which is a 25% improvement over typical Waste-to-Energy (WTE). Typical incineration and WTE facilities have an energy ratio of 500 kilowatt hour (kWh) per ton of Solid Waste. The process extracts 100% of the heating value of the feedstock.

Not Just Creating Heat

This fuel is converted to a usable Synthetic Gas, or Syngas, which inherently is converted to energy much more efficiently than incineration. Furthermore, Syngas can be used in production of chemicals such as ammonia, methanol and transportation fuels. Raw material sources range from Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) to Solid Waste to Tires, which is processed into Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF), Solid Recovered Fuel (SDF), and Tire Derived Fuel (TDF).

World’s Only Paperclip Recycler

Incineration in typical WTE facilities directly and inefficiently converts Solid Waste into heat and generates about 20 25% ash. The eco engineered design addresses this problem, wherein 100% of by products have a beneficial reuse.

Superior Recycling

  • All ferrous and non ferrous are recovered, down to individual paperclips and staples.
  • All ash is beneficially reused as aggregate.
  • All glass is crushed and reused in glass recycling facilities.

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