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VLS is recognized as the industry leader in Quality railcar cleaning

When you turn to VLS for railcar cleaning, you can expect high-quality services from our top-notch team. We apply industry standards, specialized training, and safety practices to our solutions to ensure your railcars receive comprehensive cleanings. These processes, paired with our commitment to sustainability, allow us to serve every client in a long-term partnership.

comprehensive railcar cleaning services

An Industry Leader in Comprehensive Cleaning Services

In our Railcar Cleaning division, we dedicate ourselves to quality assurance in every service we provide. There are several aspects of our comprehensive cleaning services that allow us to deliver unmatched quality, including:

-Our safety commitment: Safety is one of our core values at VLS, and it contributes to quality assurance at every turn. Our processes are thorough and well-established to keep our professionals safe and ensure accurate and repeatable services.

Industry specifications: The two notable governing bodies in railcar cleaning are the Association of American Railroads (AAR) and the Federal Railroad Administration (FRA). We abide by the regulations set forth by these bodies to provide comprehensive cleaning and support your company’s compliance. 

Specializations: Our cleaning professionals receive in-depth training to handle the most dangerous chemicals aboard your railcars. This specialization enables us to clean effectively while protecting the environment. 

Collaboration: The VLS team continually collaborates to solve problems. When our professionals work together, they develop comprehensive solutions for a high-quality end result.

Communication: As one of our clients, you’ll be informed about our cleaning process every step of the way. Our transparency instills confidence in our services, proves our attention to detail, and provides peace of mind.

Turnaround: While we’re committed to performing thorough work, we also act efficiently. When you trust VLS for railcar cleaning, you can expect quick turnaround times to help you stay on schedule and meet your operation’s demands.

Hockley M-1003


Hockley M-1002 and M-1003

Certification Letter

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Fitzgerald M-1002 and M-1003

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Baytown M-1002 and M-1003

Certification Letter

Helping Clients Meet Sustainability Goals

At VLS, we see sustainability as the key to a healthier future. Our actions today can make a meaningful difference tomorrow, and we maintain this perspective in every service we offer. In addition to our team committing to these values, we help your operation fulfill its own sustainability goals.

Our approach includes three areas — the environment, human safety, and government compliance. Our railcar cleaning services apply these three aspects every day. The cleaning process must be approached with care, as harmful chemicals and other substances can pose a risk to the people who handle them as well as the environment. Our team knows how to clean these materials in a way that is safe for the planet, themselves, and your team.

We also apply FRA and AAR standards to our cleaning services to help your company manage compliance and deliver our solutions in a reliable manner.

Comprehensive Cleaning Services

Our quality of cleaning is consistently rated at the top of cleaning providers.

–Commitment to safety

–Billing Repair Card (BRC) ensures repairs are being correctly charged

–Satisfies industry specifications of AAR and FRA

–Specializing in the most dangerous chemicals

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    At VLS Environmental Solutions, we maintain integrity, safety, employee growth, innovation, and client partnership as our core values. Through these pillars and our commitment to sustainability, we meet and exceed our clients’ needs in railcar cleaning. We continue to improve operational efficiency and team productivity for rail operations while solving environmental problems. 

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