We are excited to announce the opening of our new waste-to-energy facility in Quartzsite, Arizona.
We are excited to announce the opening of our new waste-to-energy facility in Quartzsite, Arizona.

VLS Cares Committed to Accessible Resources & Equitable Sustainability

VLS Cares was created from our commitment to Sustainability and born from our Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) pledge. The program will promote everything we do everyday to support the environment, the communities that we work in, and the teammates that we work with.

Three committees were created to tackle one of the pillars of sustainability. Our committees represent all – race, religion, age, sex, gender, disability, culture, etc.

People Committee

Without our employees, we do not have a business. The People Committee is focused on creating, maintaining, and expanding employee programs and resources. Everyone deserves a workplace that is safe, challenging, rewarding, healthy, and free from discrimination.

Environment Committee

Companies have always had an environmental impact, and it was not until more recently that companies started doing something about it. The trailblazing companies are those that are leaders  in sustainable development, tackling tough issues like reducing their carbon footprints, and promoting zero-waste initiatives.

Community Committee

A sustainable business should have the support and approval of the community it operates in. Community involvement is a fantastic opportunity to share our mission, promote our services, and communicate our values. These external engagements promote partnership, build trusting relationships, and can truly make an impact for those that need it.

Sustainability Report

Click below to download the 2022 VLS ESG report.

2022 Sustainability Report

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A Message from John Magee, President and CEO

Transformation.  For VLS that one simple word captures our journey over the last year. Transforming our organization through growth, while continuing to focus on our sustainability and people initiatives. Our efforts to drive VLS’ leadership on environmental, social and governance (ESG) continue to be a top priority across the entire organization. 

Our ESG commitment mirrors our mission statement: “Delivering innovative environmental solutions that support our client’s sustainability goals.” Our 1,000+ employees live our mission and continuously identify opportunities for efficiencies and improvements re-imagining what our company and our world could look like tomorrow.

Our expanded geographical presence and addition of processing capabilities have expanded our sphere of sustainability impact, helping us serve more clients, more industries, and solve a wider variety of environmental problems with our innovative solutions.

We have integrated sustainability into our new Mission statement and remain committed as ever to our ESG focus areas.

Our Mission

In fulfilling this commitment, we aim to abide by the following principles in recognition of our responsibilities toward sound environmental practices:

  1. Continuously improve environmental performance through appropriate policies, procedures, training, and recognition of excellence.
  2. Implement effective pollution prevention and waste minimization programs to reduce, reuse, and recycle materials.
  3. Emphasize pollution prevention, environmentally preferred products, and sustainable business practices with our managers, contractors, and suppliers.
  4. Serve as a role model and provide leadership for other organizations.

Management will continue to be guided and motivated by this policy, and with the cooperation of all employees, will do our part to help provide and maintain an environmentally safe workplace.

ESG Press Release

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2020 Sustainability Report

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2021 Sustainability Report

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2022 Sustainability Report

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To learn more about what VLS service is right for you, or to speak with someone to customize a program to help you achieve your environmental goals, contact VLS Environmental Services.