Railroad Track Repairs

Since 1968, our teams have built and repaired countless railroad tracks in the Southeast. The Spartanburg, South Carolina, facility has been one of the industry leaders in railroad construction, repairs, maintenance, and inspections.
vls railroad repair service

We handle everything from the installation of large projects to tie renewals and switch repairs. We respond to emergency situations such as derailments and chemical spills.

The Federal Railroad Administration requires monthly inspections under FRA 213.7. Our inspector is qualified on Class 1 through Class 5 tracks, and will submit a full report with all inspections. Combine our inspection program with a monthly maintenance program for cost effective and efficient railroad maintenance.

Because safety is always our first priority, all of our team members are E-Rail certified and have received Roadway Worker Training.

Railroad Tie Renewals
railroad ties
Railroad Switch Repairs
railroad switch
Railroad Derailments
railroad derailment

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