Explore Our Latest Sustainability Report: Pathway to Progress - Discover How VLS Is Leading The Charge In Environmental Responsibility..
Explore Our Latest Sustainability Report: Pathway to Progress - Discover How VLS Is Leading The Charge In Environmental Responsibility..

Industrial Services

Our fully-trained and experienced team utilizes specialized techniques and equipment to handle any industrial services and cleaning needs.

The VLS Marine division provides industrial services to support ship fleets in various ways. Through these services, we help operations protect their assets, increase efficiency, decrease environmental impact, and protect their workers.

What We Do

Marine fleets have a range of industrial needs. At VLS, we recognize these needs and approach them with in-depth training and compliance to provide comprehensive support. Our team provides these industrial services at our Port Arthur, Texas, and Sulphur, Louisiana locations.

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Industrial Cleaning Services

Marine fleets have a broad range of cleaning needs, and VLS strives to meet them. Our services include:

  • Hydro Excavation
  • Hydro Blasting
  • Line Cleaning
  • Bundle Cleaning
  • Chemical Cleaning
  • Storage Tank Cleaning
  • Vessel Cleaning
  • Tank Wash Facilities

Fleet Services

With our Department of Transportation (DOT) certified fleet, we can meet your material transportation requirements. Our fleet includes:

  • Vacuum Trucks
  • Air Movers
  • Roll-Off Trucks
  • 130 Barrel Trailers With Tractors
vac trucks at vls
scaffolding safety at vls

Scaffolding Solutions

When working on ships, custom scaffolding is required to reach all required areas and ensure stability for worker safety. We have extensive experience in scaffolding engineering to deliver solutions compliant with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). We work with your team from the beginning, offering support through:

  • Design
  • Erection
  • Dismantling

Remediation Services

  • The VLS team is equipped with excavators, front loaders, hydro excavators, dozers, and dump trucks to support infrastructure and environmental remediation needs. Common processes include:

    • Removing and replacing contaminated soil
    • Trenching and line locating
    • Ground stabilizing
    • Straightening roads and ditches
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Coatings and Insulation Services

Ship coatings and insulations are essential for maintaining your assets and ensuring efficiency on the water. VLS coating solutions include abatement services, surface preparation, and thermal-sprayed aluminum for metalizing surfaces. Insulation capabilities include:

  • Insulation cladding and jacketing
  • Standing seam panels for tanks and coke drums
  • Aerogel flexible blankets
  • Cryogenic, heat, and acoustic conservation systems
  • Hot/cold protection and personnel protection
  • Corrosion under insulation (CUI) programs
  • Weatherproofing metal jacketing
  • Other standard insulation materials

Other tailored solutions include:

  • Off-site shop coatings and insulation facilities
  • Onsite maintenance coatings and managed maintenance programs
  • Asset management programs
  • Turnarounds

Services Designed for Sustainability

At VLS, we exemplify our commitment to sustainability across all of our industrial services for marine operations. Our team approaches these services with an emphasis on environmental protection, government regulations, and safety practices for all people involved.

Whether we are cleaning storage tanks or engineering scaffolding, we apply all relevant standards and keep the environment safe in the process. With extensive training programs and ongoing employee support, we ensure our team is equipped to handle every job.

When you count on VLS for industrial services, you can further commit to your organization’s sustainability goals and take actions today that lead to a better tomorrow.

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VLS Environmental Solutions maintains its core values for every service. You can count on our team to focus on safety, integrity, innovation, employee growth, and client partnerships to provide comprehensive solutions for your business. Our experience in the marine industry allows us to leverage many skills and apply relevant standards with ease.

We look forward to partnering with your operation. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our industrial services.

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