Explore Our Latest Sustainability Report: Pathway to Progress - Discover How VLS Is Leading The Charge In Environmental Responsibility..
Explore Our Latest Sustainability Report: Pathway to Progress - Discover How VLS Is Leading The Charge In Environmental Responsibility..

Zero Waste Solutions in Alabama

Alabama Sustainability Services

As commercial businesses and industries continue to expand, companies must do their part in preserving the environment and protecting the planet. When you use a responsible waste management service provider that strives for zero waste, you significantly reduce the risk of pollution. A cleaner environment means a healthier and safer place to live for everyone.

At VLS, we pride ourselves on the broad range of services we offer. While some companies need to employ the services of several different service providers to handle their industrial waste requirements, VLS can do it all ourselves. 

Offering the Most Effective Zero Waste Solutions in Alabama

We promote a zero-waste mindset to focus on protecting the environment. Zero waste involves minimizing the materials we deposit into landfills through sustainable industrial waste practices. Our mission is to recycle or reuse as many waste products as possible.

Our vast knowledge and industry expertise allow us to use innovative waste-to-energy and recycling techniques for waste processing. Our facility in Brent is just one example of our many high-performance locations across the country. While many of the large-scale manufacturing facilities and businesses in the area have joined us in our endeavors, it’s critical for companies of all sizes to shoot for the same goal.

Let our team help you develop the most optimal waste management solutions for your operation. When you choose a company that can cover all your needs, you’ll save more time and money in the long run while remaining faithful to your environmental obligations.

Converting Non-Hazardous Secondary Materials to Engineered Fuel in Alabama

VLS Brent

Our Brent facility manufactures alternative engineered fuel from industrial plant trash and other dry materials to help our customers achieve their zero-waste goals. Nestled on eight acres in Bibb County about 30 miles southeast of Birmingham, the operational capabilities of this facility include shredders, magnets, conveyor belts, transportation and more.

Our specialized services in Brent and the surrounding areas include:

  • Zero landfills and zero ash: We use the by-products of waste incineration to generate fuel, heat and electricity while avoiding landfills. Our waste-to-energy processes result in zero ash.
  • Pre-screening evaluation: Before we begin sorting, shredding and blending for conversion, we pre-screen all non-hazardous secondary material to determine composition specifics. 
  • Shredded Heat™: Shredded Heat™ is an alternative engineered fuel that offsets the use of valuable natural resources. Typical materials in the conversion of this product include non-halogenated plastics, expired consumer products, general plant trash and more.
  • Secure and witness destruction: We can provide witness destruction and secure destruction services. Our high-power, high-volume shredders can destroy containers such as drums, totes, and pallets.

Examples of the residual waste we accept in Brent include:

  • Dry material, including plant trash.
  • Plastics, paper and cardboard.
  • Carpet, rolls and padding.
  • Wood pallets, crates and debris.
  • Cubic yard boxes.

Choosing VLS as Your Trusted Partner for Residual Waste in Alabama

VLS is the best option when you’re looking for the most reliable and responsible industrial waste service provider in Alabama. With our decades of experience in all facets of residual waste management, our high service standards are unmatched. Contact us online today to learn how our many services can benefit your operation. 

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