Explore Our Latest Sustainability Report: Pathway to Progress - Discover How VLS Is Leading The Charge In Environmental Responsibility..
Explore Our Latest Sustainability Report: Pathway to Progress - Discover How VLS Is Leading The Charge In Environmental Responsibility..

Industrial Waste Services in Tennessee

Tennessee Residual Waste Management

The advantages of partnering with a reputable and reliable waste management services provider are limitless. In addition to offering solutions that offer more cost savings and streamlined efficiency, a responsible service provider can help reduce the amount of waste you generate, allowing your company to operate with a sustainable and eco-friendly mindset.

At VLS, we take our obligations to the environment seriously. We strive for zero waste in all our disposal processes, implementing strategies like oil recycling and waste-to-energy services to get there. Many companies in Tennessee trust us as the single source for all their residual waste needs.

Benefits of Partnering With VLS in Tennessee

More than ever, the global push for sustainability is changing the way companies do business by shining a spotlight on how operations manage their residual waste. Finding the right partner to help you stay on pace with these changes can make the difference between your company’s success or failure in the future. Our expertise in recycling, energy conversion and industrial waste processing has allowed us to emerge as one of the leading service providers throughout the entire country.

Regardless of the size of your company, the amount of waste you generate or the constraints in your budget, VLS can offer the solutions you need to sustainably and safely dispose of your residual waste. We aim to provide you with the most cost-effective options while promoting a zero-waste and zero-landfill mindset.

Secure Waste Destruction, Waste-to-Energy and Used Oil Recycling Services in Tennessee

vls armor

Our facility in Mt. Pleasant is a non-hazardous, full-service waste processing operation on 11 acres of land in Maury County, approximately 60 miles south of Nashville. It’s the only VLS facility that processes non-hazardous waste and produces alternative engineered fuel. Operational capabilities in Mt. Pleasant include solidification, shredding and recycling.

Examples of the specialized services we offer in Mt. Pleasant include:

  • Waste-to-energy solutions: Our advanced systems allow us to convert non-hazardous waste sources into heat, electricity and fuel. This process significantly reduces the amount of waste and ash deposited in landfills.
  • Used oil recycling: Our oil-recycling capabilities allow us to re-refine discarded oil into No. 4 fuel oil.
  • Landfill: Our Armor facility in Mt. Pleasant provides landfill and solidification services for unrecyclable and liquid materials. We can process any non-hazardous waste product in a container or bulk form. We also use various absorbents to stabilize and solidify liquids.
  • Secure and witness destruction: We offer secure witness and certified destruction services that reliably and safely eliminate unsalable, confidential and high-risk waste, protecting the privacy of your company.

The Mt. Pleasant facility also uses non-hazardous secondary materials to manufacture engineered fuel as a coal substitute for cement kilns. We use dry, non-chlorinated materials in the conversion process, typically from automotive manufacturing.

Other types of materials the Mt. Pleasant facility accepts include:

  • Liquids, solids and sludges.
  • All container types.
  • All bulk types.
  • Plant trash.
  • DOT hazardous.

Get in Touch With VLS in Tennessee Today

Our long list of satisfied customers across the country gives testament to the caliber of services we provide. When you choose VLS as your waste management service provider, we’ll get the job done using the most cost-effective and sustainable processes. Contact us online today to learn more.

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