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VLS is a leader in safe cleaning practices and is dedicated to employee safety through all stages of the cleaning process.

Full-service cleaning and repair solutions

The rail industry is essential to nationwide infrastructure for transporting vital materials and products. At VLS, we support rail operations with our Railcar Cleaning and Repair services. Turn to our certified team for various cleaning and repair services and allow us to contribute to a greater sustainability goal.


Our Cleaning Services

With 12 locations throughout North America, we focus on safety from start to finish with a series of state-of-the-art equipment and well-defined procedures. Our team can handle a range of railcar types, including tank cars, pressure cars, and hoppers.

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Specializing in Highly Hazardous Products

Our specialty is difficult-to-clean materials – from hardened polymer residues and resins to poisonous gases. Some of the thousands of our permitted products are:

-Ethylene Oxide

-Hydrofluoric Acid


-Anhydrous Ammonia

-And thousands more chemicals and materials

Reputation For High Quality Railcar Cleaning & Repair

At our three railcar cleaning and repair facilities in Texas and Georgia, we utilize state-of-the-art equipment and procedures as well as the latest in treatment technologies to clean a variety of railcar types including tank cars, pressure cars, and occasionally hopper cars.

The VLS team specializes in materials that are challenging to clean, such as resins, poisonous or flammable liquids, and hardened polymers. Our Railcar Cleaning division is also certified by the Association of American Railroads (AAR) for codes C5, C6, C7, C9, and C11. Our dedication to quality assurance supports every cleaning service we provide.

Whether your material is non-hazardous or hazardous, requires Kosher cleaning services, is easy or difficult to clean, VLS offers quick and efficient railcar cleaning and repair services to meet your turnaround times.

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Our Comprehensive Railcar Cleaning Services Include:

Abrasive blasting and hydro blasting: For hard-to-clean materials, abrasive blasting and hydroblasting provide the strength for quick removal.

Nitrogen purging: We can clear containers, piping, and other components of contaminants with a nitrogen purging process. This cleaning service ensures that your next transport material and those aboard your railcars are safe and free from any unwanted chemicals.

Bulk liquid transloading: This process refers to transferring bulk liquids from one container to another or dispersing them among multiple units. The VLS team can handle cleaning agents, glycols, and more. We ensure these liquids are secure for transport and safely transferred to protect the environment. 

Container cleaning: This service limits material contamination for any containers aboard your cars. Our team performs a comprehensive job to keep your operation compliant and the environment safe. 

Kosher cleaning: If your rail fleet needs to haul kosher materials, we provide this cleaning service to certify your cars after non-kosher hauling.

Our Repair Services

With 12 locations throughout North America, we provide comprehensive services for certified full-service repairs, tank car qualifications, and maintenance using the most environmentally friendly and safe processes in the industry.

We strive to provide the highest quality clean while turning around your railcar to minimize service downtime.

Full-service Railcar Repair and Fabrication

We provide a full range of services for rail fleets and shippers servicing the petrochemical industry and other manufacturers with Railcar Servicing needs. 

-Tank car qualifications

-AAR certified valve repair



-And many more services customized to your needs

Digital Rail

As part of our commitment to continuous improvement, we transformed our business to give real time visibility unlike anyone in the industry

-Uniformity to paperwork, cleaning certifications, and cleaning codes

-Before and after pictures to ensure your tank car is cleaned to your specifications

-Eliminate errors to ensure your tank car is cleaned right the first time

The VLS Sustainability Commitment

At VLS, we apply our sustainability philosophy to every service we offer. Our mission includes a dedication to the environment, human safety, and government compliance to ensure your operation runs smoothly and our services pave the way for a better tomorrow.

Our Railcar Cleaning division handles all chemicals and materials responsibly. Every member of our team is highly trained to ensure comprehensive cleaning and safe practices from start to finish.

-Heel Containment:  Heel from the railcar is carefully contained in proper storage containers, such as poly totes and steel drums.

-In-House Waste Processing: VLS has a sister division that processes non-hazardous waste by waste-to-energy, wastewater treatment, recycling, or landfill. This reduces transportation and costs, as well as the carbon footprint from hauling.

-Permits: VLS is approved for air permits, wastewater permits, and waste handling procedures as a Large Quantity Generator. Permits for review are available upon request.

-Select, Reputable Outlets: VLS carefully selects third party outlets to manage hazardous waste that is not handled internally.

-Third Party Audits: Waste facilities are carefully screened, reviewed, and audited for approval by VLS. Our stringent requirements make sure the waste heel is properly managed.

Sustainability is the key to helping our clients grow and supporting a greater mission to protect our world. Count on VLS for sustainable practices.

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