Explore Our Latest Sustainability Report: Pathway to Progress - Discover How VLS Is Leading The Charge In Environmental Responsibility..
Explore Our Latest Sustainability Report: Pathway to Progress - Discover How VLS Is Leading The Charge In Environmental Responsibility..

Full-Service Railcar Repair Services

Railcars support nationwide infrastructure by transporting essential products and materials across the United States. It’s vital to conduct repairs and routine maintenance to ensure ongoing railcar performance, safety, and efficiency. These services help to maintain railcar functionality and longevity, ensuring they make it to their destinations promptly.

As a full-service provider of railcar repairs, VLS Environmental Solutions is your partner for expert services in the rail industry. We’re dedicated to delivering environmentally responsible sanitation and maintenance services with safety and sustainability in mind. 

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Our Full-Service Railcar Services

We have 12 facilities across North America dedicated to our full-time railcar repair, maintenance, and qualification services. Whether you come to us for routine maintenance services or repairs, we’ll work with you directly to assess your unique performance needs and operating requirements. Then, we’ll troubleshoot functional issues to determine the best solutions for your company as efficiently as possible.

With services from VLS, you can expect industry-leading turnarounds to get your railcars back on the tracks with minimal downtime. Our servicing capabilities include railcars, tank cars, and hoppers. 

Railcar Repairs

At VLS, we’re as dedicated to keeping your rail operations moving as you are. That’s why we offer dependable railcar repair services performed by our expert technicians. Through these services, we address all your operational needs by evaluating your critical components and identifying any issues. Our team uses proven techniques developed through firsthand experience to provide the most reliable and efficient repair services, such as:

  • Mechanical repairs.
  • Interior lining and coatings.
  • Valves and fittings.
  • Compliance testing.
  • Tank car equipment removal.

We handle large-scale projects in-house at our state-of-the-art facilities. Our team can fulfill more minor repair needs by visiting you at your location and performing services on-site. 

Routine Maintenance

You can prevent the need for repairs by ensuring your railcars are properly sustained through our routine maintenance services. Our expert team will help you achieve optimal performance for your rail operations by keeping your railcars in peak condition. We ensure that all components are fully functional through regular inspections and implement the necessary parts and solutions to maintain smooth and efficient operations. 

Tank Car Qualifications

VLS offers tank car qualifications to ensure your fleet is qualified before your annual due date. We’ll ensure that your cars and their components conform to Association of American Railroads (AAR) and Department of Transportation (DOT) requirements for design, manufacturing, and modification. We’ll perform careful examinations of your railcars to determine compliance while maintaining the required documentation.

Our Railcar Repair Permits

We ensure full regulatory compliance in our railcar servicing operations by maintaining all required AAR certifications and permits, including:

  • C11: VLS is certified to inspect tank car interior linings and coatings.
  • C9: We can conduct qualification for coatings and interior linings in tank cars.
  • C7: This certification allows us to remove tank car coatings and interior linings.
  • C6: We’re certified to remove and replace tank car service equipment like gaskets, modifications, and leakage tests.
  • C5: Our team is authorized to repair, recondition, and qualify tank car service equipment. 

Our highly trained technicians are also certified to perform tank car coating and lining inspections according to National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) standards.

Our Railcar Repair Facilities

We have three railcar repair facilities located in Texas and Georgia, all of which utilize advanced technologies and state-of-the-art equipment to deliver the best possible services:

Full-Service Repair

  • Victoria, Texas: VLS Victoria is a full-service, top-to-bottom railcar repair and maintenance facility that holds over 600 railcars. In addition, the facility can deploy a Mobile Repair Unit to service railcars on tracks with light repair, valve repair, and other maintenance capabilities.

Light Repair and Maintenance

  • Fitzgerald, Georgia: Our Fitzgerald, Georgia, facility can accommodate up to 85 railcars. We’re certified to handle more than 9,000 last contents while using high-capacity solutions to meet your most demanding service requirements. 
  • Hockley, Texas: We can accommodate 250 railcars and 6,000 products at our Hockley facility in Texas. Our operational capacity also allows us to maintain tank trailers and International Organization for Standardization (ISO) containers.
  • Baytown, Texas: Our unit-train-compatible railcar service facility in Baytown holds more than 1,400 railcars. This location is dual-served by Union Pacific and BNSF Railway. 

Our Commitment to Sustainability

You can trust us to deliver innovative environmental solutions that support your company’s sustainability goals. At VLS, we strive to make a difference through sustainable practices focused on governmental compliance, human safety, and the environment. We believe incorporating sustainable processes today will lead to a better tomorrow.

We’re committed to protecting the environment by minimizing operational impacts, maintaining regulatory compliance, and

Invest in Repairs or Maintenance Services for Your Railcars at VLS

If you’re looking for a dependable full-service railcar repair provider, VLS is your solution. We specialize in handling non-hazardous residual waste responsibly and sustainably to reduce landfill waste. We’re proud to have served as leaders in railcar cleaning, waste management, and marine services since 2007.

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